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Elevate your communication. Live the life of your dreams.

Course Description

Communication is powerful, but like any powerful tool, it needs to be used effectively or it becomes useless. Harnessing the power of communication is a fundamental leadership discipline, and when understood properly- it can take you places you’ve only dreamed. In this course we teach you how important verbal tactics are to inspire, persuade, and earn the confidence of those around you in any situation. How communication alone can build trust, inspire loyalty, and allow you to lead effectively- allowing you to live a life by design without compromise.

What's Included:

In addition to our standard lessons, our programs offer:

  • Private Student Community

  • Monthly Live Webinars

  • Discounts On Other Courses & Material

You Will Learn How To:

In this course

  • Strengthen Personal & Professional Relationships

  • Build Trust

  • Effectively Communicate & Resolve Issues

  • Accelerate Your Progress In The Workplace

  • Become Less Defensive

  • Understand The Different Forms Of Communication

  • Become A Stronger Leader

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Course curriculum

  • 01

    Let's Get Started!

  • 02

    Linguistics 101

    • Utilizing Powerful Verbal Language

    • How Non Verbal Communication Actually Says More Than Verbal Language

    • The Art Of Body Language

  • 03

    The Conscious Vs Unconscious Mind

    • 4 Levels Of Consiousness

    • How To Control Self Chatter

    • Stopping The Self Sabotage

    • Hierarchy Of Thought- The Key To Emotional Control

  • 04

    The Art Of Persuasion

    • The Tricks CEO's Use To Get To Where They Want

    • Acknowledging Why You Aren't Achieving Success

    • How The 5 Senses Are Critical To Conversion Persuasion

  • 05

    Attaining The Success You Deserve

    • Closing The Deals You Didn't Know You Had

    • How People Perceive You Before You Even Make Contact

    • Personal/Professional Relationship Acceleration

    • Enhancing The Confidence Needed To Succeed

  • 06

    Mastering Your 'Elevator Pitch'

    • Perfecting Your Story In 90 Seconds

    • Confidence With Family & Friends

    • Stop Selling Yourself Short

  • 07

    How Others Personality Types Effect Your Own Success

    • The Different Types Of People You'll Meet

    • Understanding Your Own Personality Type

    • How To Utilize That Knowledge To Your Advantage

Jay Dhahan


Jay is a highly dynamic entrepreneur, real estate developer, and neuro-linguistic specialist. With a passion for learning and constant pursuit of knowledge, Jay has built a diverse portfolio of expertise in areas such as real estate development, financial literacy, investments, neuro-linguistics programming, and much more. He believes one must be constantly dedicated to learning new skills and continuing education, and specializes in identifying and developing strengths, while also working on improving the qualities and skills that prevent individuals from truly thriving. Understanding and implementing the fundamentals of communication has aided him to become the success he is today in the field of business and real estate.
Instructor, Jay Dhahan


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    Everyone! Students join our online courses for a variety of reasons and come from diverse backgrounds, professions, and age groups. With online courses, you can advance your skill-set and improve your knowledge. Our online courses are a flexible way of learning without disrupting your daily life.

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    Absolutely! All of our courses are available in your course library once purchased, and can be completed at your own pace. They never expire, so you can watch the videos & complete the content how you like.

  • Is this information relevant to my profesional, or my personal life?

    Both! Communication is one of the most important skills to have in both professional and personal life. Utilizing the information provided in the course, you will be able to apply it in both areas.

  • How much does the program cost?

    It is regularly $997 but for a limited time it is only $297 USD.

  • Is there a money back guarantee?

    Absolutely! We are extremely confident in this program and the information provided that we offer a money back guarantee within 30 days.

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